Notixx – This Is Not A Diplo Remix (Details Below)

Posted: October 22, 2013 by jaynebra in Trap
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So one of my favorite producers to feature just drew the short end of the stick when his remix of Diplo’s “Revolution” was reported by ?? and removed from soundcloud over the weekend.  It had only been out for a couple days and had already gained massive support from artists.  Except one person, be it Diplo himself, Mad Decent, or some random hater, nothing he can do about it.  But out of the kindness of his heart, Notixx decided to take out the Revolution vocals and release the rest of the track that he had just built around the vocals, which mind you, is completely original.  And it still BANGS.  Yes I loved the track with the original Revolution vocals, but I get the industry and if this is what I have to settle with I’ll definitely take it and you should still support Notixx on this one.  Artist to watch in 2014.

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